Axwell Old

Axwell’s legendary single “Heart is King” turns 7 years old

“It’s a track I designed just for my shows”, said Axwell back in 2011 regarding the release of his single “Heart Is King“. A track that took many months to come to fruition is deeply embedded in the archives of progressive house’s most prolific records. Driving rifts, spine-tingling strings, and electric drums complete the legendary jam that stands as one of Axwell’s finest. Back in April of 2011 Axwell linked up with MTV to discuss the track.

The Swedish producer stated ” It’s a little like filtered house, and it has this break, [and] a pretty classical type of melody. There’s no vocal or anything. It’s just like a track I wanted to get out there, something I wanted to get off of my chest for a while. It’s a track I designed just for my shows, and [especially] when it’s a big show.” It fits well for big shows, with its epic string melody and catapulting intro and outro, it is jaw-dropping in every respect. It was touted as one of Miami Music Week’s biggest tracks, receiving notoriety at his sets all throughout that week. To put the track in perspective, it was the 19th release on Axtone Records. This January, Axtone Records celebrated their 100th release. At the time, Axwell was known for his tracks like “Nothing But Love“, “Feel The Vibe“, and his hefty ID collection.

It is truly 7 minutes of glory as we start with some unique drums and crisp claps, as the track breaks down a flurry of strings develop and climax into an amazing ecstasy. The record was included in SHM’s compilation album “Until Now” fully outfitted with the “Save The World” acapella and Knife Party remix drop. The track was also one of the last records to ever be played live by SHM before they disbanded in 2013, adding to its glory even more.

Sink yourself back into those old-school progressive house vibes below.