Slide Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris speaks on UK House Music influencing his own material and his brand new Dua Lipa collaboration

No stranger to the spotlight, Scottish DJ and Producer extraordinaire Calvin Harris spoke with Zane Lowe last week on Zane’s Beats 1 radio show on Apple Music. Out of the many things spoken during the radio show’s episode, Calvin confessed that he feels not allowing stature of UK house music to sway his own production is doing himself a “disservice”.

Calvin is one of the most favored artists of today, he’s won copious awards for his works, played countless festivals and club shows, but his biggest achievement as a DJ is his Las Vegas residency lasting until 2020. His music has ranged from pop influenced in songs like We Found Love and Slide to complete club anthems such as C.U.B.A and Under Control. Working with artists like Rihanna, Kehlani, Florence Welch and Tinie Tempah amongst others, the producer is familiar with the secret ingredients of a hit single. And while all his productions contain a sprinkle of house music influence, the modern day icon feels that he doesn’t showcase the style he’s helped impact a considerable amount of his own material.


In relation to the lack of influence of 90’s house music on his productions, Calvin had the following to say: “You know there’s amazing, amazing house music coming out the UK right now. That has inspired me a lot and I love being there and listening to it and that kind of made me realize I’m doing a disservice to myself not drawing the influences that I’ve always drawn from like ’90s house which is my main go-to, as far as influences go.”

The interview then switch focus to the recently released collaboration One Kiss that Calvin did with UK burgeoning protégé Dua Lipa, with Calvin expressing the hereinafter on the creative process: “It was lovely. She come round the house…One of the very few sessions where I literally, I mean nowadays with vocals and all that I like to have an engineer, he can record and chop them up because it’s the hardest part of the job for me, but this time I just did it all myself. It was nice, had a little cup of tea. Lovely.”

You can listen to the brand new single between the 2 heavyweights below or check out Calvin’s discography here and Dua’s collection of songs here. Let us know what you think of the track and who you would like to see Calvin collaborate with next.