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Porter Robinson reacts to Calvin Harris’ supportive tweet regarding Virtual Self

In a brand new interview with MTV, Porter Robinson has responded to Calvin Harris‘ supportive tweet, in which he hailed Virtual Self‘s ‘Ghost Voices‘ as “an absolute beast of a tune”. According to the interview, the respect is mutual, as Porter Robinson states that Calvin Harris’ own anthem ‘I’m Not Alone‘ was one of the biggest inspirations behind his Virtual Self project.

“I was just really surprised when Calvin tweeted that out. I’ve never interacted with him before, ever, and even as Porter we never had any relationship. Often times people won’t even say that kind of things when their buddies release new music, so I messaged him and I told him – and this is true – that I think his track from 2009 ‘I’m Not Alone’ was really inspirational for this project. It’s one of the only tracks from the last 10 years that sort of gives me that classic sort of trance feeling.”

Later on in the interview, Porter Robinson goes on to explain the mass movement away from the big room sound that dominated festivals for so many years:

“People had really grown sick of the big room EDM sound that was dominating the festival main stages. There were a lot of compromises being made and I think that as somebody who loves electronic music and who wants it to do well and I want even the most visible parts of the scene, even the mainstream to be producing music that’s worthwhile and that we can all be proud of. I was like ‘I really want electronic music to be great.”

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