Dada Life’s festival anthem ‘Kick Out The Epic Motherf**ker’ turns 6 years old

Swedish Electro House duo Dada Life seemed to have slowed things down a notch in 2017, before announcing the big news that they actually have a brand new album in the making, to be released May 4th. In support of their forthcoming third album ‘Our Nation’, Dada Life have released their brand new single ‘Higher Than The Sun’ last month, a track for which they teamed up with Mick Guzauski.

One month before the new album will see daylight, let’s rewind to exactly 6 years ago today (april 4, 2012), when the two Swedes dropped one of their most iconic releases so far: their track called ‘Kick Out The Epic Motherf**er’. Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom started their careers as producers together back in 2006 already, celebrating early charts successes mainly in Belgium and The Netherlands with their single ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’. The track was featured on Dada Life‘s first album ‘Just Do The Dada’, but their biggest success was yet to come a few years later.

In 2009 and 2010 the duo successfully released tracks like ‘Let’s Get Bleeped Tonight’ and ‘Tomorrow (Give In To The Night)’, a collab with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Tara McDonald, but none of them turned out the be as iconic as the bass-heavy ‘Kick Out The Epic Motherf**er’. What definitely helped that track in becoming such a big success, is its great video, in which Dada Life destroy a printer, guitars, drums and several other instruments, before things get even messier when they throw a party in their living room.

Check out the official video for Dada Life’s ‘Kick Out The Epic Motherf**er’ down below and relive their 2012 smash hit all over again.