Daft Punk’s sensational hit single ‘Get Lucky’ turns 5 years old

It is no doubt that “Get Lucky” will go down as one of the most famous dance music songs of the decade. Released in April of 2013 after the song had been leaked online, the godly collaboration composed of Nile Rogers, Pharrell Williams and Funk/Disco masters Daft Punk would take the world by storm, receiving critical acclaim as well as countless other accolades. What makes “Get Lucky” so special reaches far beyond the massive amount of awards and nominations it received, it truly is a timeless record that captures the essence of what Daft Punk are capable of as musicians.

The single reached the top ten in the music charts of over 32 countries, and has sold more than 9.3 million copies, making it one of the best-selling songs of all time. The song won awards for Record of the Year and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, during which Steve Wonder joined Rodgers, Williams and Daft Punk onstage to perform the song. The French House disco are respected throughout the whole music scene and their influence runs deep far back to the beginnings of house music and beyond. In many interviews with todays premiere producers, most will contribute their inspirations and influence to Daft Punk in some degree. Whether it was Steve Angello saying he had a paradigm shift the first time he heard Human After All, or David Guetta attributing lots of his early influence to the duo, they truly are the god-fathers of a movement.

According to a cover story by Pitchfork Media, “Get Lucky” was completed over the course of approximately 18 months. Within this time-frame so many changes were made to the project and the collaborators all became intertwined through mutual friends, being in the same locations, and finding common ground with one another. Long story short, Rogers and Daft Punk were the first to work on the record, then eventually Pharrell caught wind of it. According to Rolling Stone, Williams first heard about the project from Daft Punk “at a Madonna party” and offered his services for a collaboration. He had joked that, “If you just want me to play tambourine, I’ll do it.” The duo and Williams later met in Paris, where he shared some of his own material; Williams explained that he had been inspired by Rodgers, not knowing that Daft Punk had coincidentally been recording with him.

After a whirlind of edits, second opinions, and alterations that were powered by the perfectionist approach of all parties involved, “Get Lucky” was almost ready to be unleashed to the world. There were many promotional campaigns involved, involving entities such as Saturday Night Live, Spotify, MTV, Brian Eno, and BBC Radio. When it was all said and done, “Get Lucky” was a polished diamond. “Get Lucky” received widespread acclaim from media outlets and music critics. Michael Cragg from The Guardian said the song “eschews the crunching electronics of their last album and the vocoder-lead [sic] future-disco of Discovery“, and it was the “best thing Pharrell Williams has been involved with for a long time”. Fellow musicians have also publicly expressed their thoughts on the track. British DJ Fatboy Slim expressed high praise for the song and stated in an interview “I’m so impressed by them. It’s a breath of fresh old-skool air”. Slim had felt that recent popular electronic dance music had started to become bland and that “Daft Punk have given us [electronic musicians] all a kick up the arse.”

All in all, the record is firmly embedded in the archives of popular music’s most successful and highly regarded singles to be produced in the modern era.