David Guetta

David Guetta tells of his worst DJing experience

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Funny things happen to DJ’s during shows across the globe. While many stories derive from smaller DJ’s, no one is immune to an embarrassing story. French icon, David Guetta recently described an embarrassing story of his own in an interview with BBC Radio 1.

“So, I flew from Mexico. You should know, as a friend, I’m telling you, don’t EVER drink anything that has ice cubes in it, in Mexico. I came out of the plane, and oh my god. I was so sick… This is the worst memory of my life. It was horrible, for real. I would go to the bathroom between each record [during the launch show for his album, ‘Nothing But The Beat’] and then, fromt the show, I went to the hospital and I stayed there for 2 days”

While the ‘Memories‘ hit-maker was able to laugh at his embarrassing story, to this day, his famous “brain-fade” at Tomorrowland is still subject to memes [all in good taste] around the world.

All jokes aside, the Frenchman is once again teaming up with close friend, Martin Garrix. The news broke when Garrix uploaded a photo of the two in the studio via Instagram. Garrix & Guetta have previously teamed up on tracks such as ‘So Far Away‘ and ‘Like I Do‘, with Brooks, and now look to add a third record to their collection.

Listen to the full interview here.

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