deadmau5 reveals narrowly escaping deadly plane crash in 2008

Last week deadmau5 successfully released his orchestral album ‘where’s the drop?’, but if luck had not been on his side 10 years ago, the Canadian producer wouldn’t have even been alive today. In a recent interview with H3 Podcast ‘the mau5’ a.k.a Joel Zimmerman revealed that he very narrowly missed boarding a disatrous flight in Madrid, that would crash just minutes after take-off. Zimmerman told the story when he was asked by H3 Podcast if he had any ghost stories or something of the like to share with viewers.

On the 20th of August, 2008, deadmau5 and his tour manager only just missed their connecting flight from Madrid’s Barajas International Airport. In total disbelief they watched flight Spanair JK5022 take off from the runway, crashing and killing 154 of its 172 passengers shortly after the plane was airborne. At about 4 minutes into the interview deadmau5 talks about how he remembers witnessing the horrendous tragedy, together with 800 to 1000 other people at the airport: “no one made a f*cking sound… it was the creapiest shit.”

Zimmerman further revealed how scary it was getting on board the next plane, when trying to get out of Madrid, but since he is a ‘numbers dude’, he didn’t think the chances of a second plane going down were very high. Check out the H3 Podcast interview with deadmau5 below, in which he also shares a funny story about a night he went out gambling with Dillon Francis, almost ending up winning $400.000 playing roulette.

Check out the deadly Airplane crash below: