Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike + Vini Vici release ‘The House of House’ music video

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike + Vini Vici have just released the music video for their remake of Cherrymoon Trax‘s classic, ‘The House of House‘. The original Bonzai release introduced a new musical way of thinking in the dance genre at the time.  The group of highly touted dance icons put their unique spin on the track bringing a combination of Vini Vici’s trance taste and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s full-bodied synth lines. The almost aftermovie quality video will surely pique viewers interest in the remakes ability to fuse the psy-trance and house worlds together unlike most tracks today.

The music video follows the tracks play out around the world’s largest festivals from Tomorrowland to Bringing The Madness. The video proves that ‘The House of House‘ is sure to get the party started on any dancefloor around the globe. As the dance music world gets larger and larger, the remake of the classic pays homage to electronic cultures roots. Not only does this show Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s dedication to progressing the genre globally, but it also solidifies their rank at the top of the dance music totem pole.

As festival season beings to kick off with Coachella right around the corner, expect to hear and see the track played out at several different festivals around the globe. In fact, most of the duos recent dates are indeed global festivals including Daydream Festival in Shanghai, China, Viva Festival in Barranquilla,  Columbia, and Electronic Daisy Carnival (EDC) Tokyo and Las Vegas. With such a monstrous tune ready to unleash during their sets, 2018 will undoubtedly see both Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Vini Vici perform their best sets yet.

Experience and relive the euphoria and excitement Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike + Vini Vici are able to create through their awe-inspiring music video for their brand new anthem ‘The House of House‘ below.