Dr. Shiver

Dr. Shiver ft. Jmi Sissoko – Brave Love (The Remixes)

Dr. Shiver’s hit ‘Brave Love‘ (ft. Jmi Sissoko) got its remixes after the huge success of the Wavo Remix Competition! The track received reworks from Rockyz & Galex, Floats, M+ike, Guiigs and AviTheAwesome. Each act came out with five unique remixes, giving the original 5 brand-new perspectives.

First up is Rockyz & Galex as they bestow their Future Bounce remix upon listeners’ ears. A festival-ready track, kicks and claps in the first break will have crowds clapping along, before the breakdown and bouncy drop. Bright vocals chops, lead synths and pumping bass give the original track a blazing new perspective.

Swiss Producer/DJ Floats is next, as he brings his light-hearted Future Bass remix. In the breaks, warm bass and low-passed synths are built around Jmi’s vocals, conveying a calm, tranquil atmosphere. The transition to the drop is smooth and seamless and doesn’t disappoint. The drop is driven by an electric guitar and traditional Future Bass synths, while reverb-soaked claps and cymbal crashes give it the fullness it deserves.

Following Floats is M+ike, who slows things down again as he drops his Downtempo remix. Centred around the vocals, M+ike makes excellent use of Jmi’s voice to help build the elements around it. Warm bass and a subtle guitar compliment the vocal, as the two sounds ring throughout the track, including a reverb-soaked guitar in the drop, accompanied by soft hats and various percussion sounds.

Kicking things up a notch is Guiigs, who delivers his Progressive House remix. Adopting the “calm before the storm” idiom, the break is subtle and simple, with the vocals and warm chords filling out the frequencies before the drop’s arrival. The drop is met with resounding bass, bright lead synths and uplifting chords, giving this festival-ready track a hands-in-the-air feel.

Last, but not least is AviTheAwesome. Also presenting a calming remix, a slow kick & clap play over Jmi’s vocals and a soft piano, before the subtle transition to the drop is made. Bright lead synths and pitched-up vocals give this version a more electronic feel, as opposed to Floats; whose electric guitar gave his remix an authentic element.

Listen to all the ‘Brave Love’ remixes below!

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