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Dr. Shiver & winners Rockyz & Galex talk about ‘Brave Love’ remix contest

Having won the ‘Brave Love’ remix competition organized by none other than Art&Music Recording boss Dr. Shiver himself, rising Italian producers Rockyz and Galex are looking ready to impress further on the back of their recent success. Organized with help from Wavo, the remix contest for Dr. Shiver’s original track featuring the ever talented Jmi Sissoko had admittedly taken the aspiring and talented producers by surprise and a sense of adventure. And to have won it amidst such stiff competition from other producers, they have also impressed the fellow Italian producer and imprint head honcho with their adeptness and maturity at such a budding stage of their career.

And while Dr. Shiver is spoken highly of them, the remix is in itself quite a statement. Taking on the original, the two youngsters flipped and rendered the easy-going radio hit into a funky future house listening treat. On show for all, with their production ability and a single-minded approach to rethink such an overwhelming production, Rockyz and Galex have left no stone unturned to let the talent rich Italian dance music community know of their arrival at the scene.

We took some time out to talk to Dr. Shiver about the competition and introduce the winners to the Dance music world.

Hi Bruno, you just released an awesome remix pack for your hit song “brave love”. How did you choose the remixers?

When I released Brave Love, I thought “ this vocal definitely deserves a few new remixes” so the first thing I did was getting a great house remix from my brother Solberjum. At that point I thought “why not give a chance to some upcoming talented artists?” and my own imprint Art&Music Recording was already partner with WAVO so the next step was easy to take. We ran a very cool remix competition on WAVO that allowed us to discover some new fresh talents. Once all the remixes were delivered, I did a nice live streaming session from our Art&Music Recording studios where I heard all the remixes giving real time advice and that’s how I made the final decision.

You recently celebrated 8 years of activity of your label Art & Music Recordings. What’s the biggest achievement you think you reached until now?

There are a few things that make particularly proud: discovering Serebro and signing the triple platinum record “Mama Lover”, opening our Art&Music Recording Studios when I was only 27, which is still the biggest recording studios in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe, working with huge artists such as Pharrell Williams, Little Louie Vega just to name a few. Doing the first official and authorized remix of the historical hit “You’ve got the Love”; using for the very first time, after Frankie Knuckles, the original 1986 Candi Staton vocal; achieving with this remix, not only support from the biggest DJs in the world, but also a top 5 spot on the UK Pop chart.

You use to work with many young talented musicians, helping them to build their brand. What do you think about the Rockyz and Galex ?

When I first heard their remix, I thought “these guys have a lot of experience in producing”, so when I discovered that they were very new in the scene I thought “damn it! These kids really have something to say…”. When, in the end, I found out that they are Italian, I felt very proud.

Words from the winners Rockyz and Galex:

How and why do you guys teamed-up to produce this remix? you often work together?

We have known each other since the first year of high school. When we met for the first time, we started to talk about music and the next day we were in the studio together trying to create something. It was not bad but the tracks were not at the highest quality. In January I read about “Dr Shiver – Brave Love contest” on WAVO so I called Galex and asked him to have a go at it. He sent me some really good chords, I started to work on it and in just 6 days we finished the remix. We work together very often and we love to experiment with new stuff.

Are you happy to be the winner of this big remix contest? what’s your feelings about that?

I couldn’t believe it when I heard Galex and myself being announced by Dr Shiver as winners, so I called Galex and we met to celebrate the victory.

Your style is fresh and actual, which DAW and Plugin you use most?

I use Logic while Galex uses Fl studio. I always use Sylenth and Spire to make chords and Massive to do the bass-line. I also use plugins like serum or trash2 to distort the sound. In the remix the chops are made by Galex with the slicer, while Dr. Shiver finalized mixing and mastering.

What’s your next plan for the future? Any new collaboration in progress?

We have a new track we are working on at the moment. We hope to make other good tracks and maybe release other things on Art&Music Recording.

The remix is available for a quick free download on Art&Music Recording’s Soundcloud here.

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