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Dr. Shiver & Solberjum talk about their latest collaboration ‘Bla Bla Bla’

In what seems to be becoming a frequent pairing of two stellar artistic minds, Art&Music Recording‘s founder, DJ and Producer Dr. Shiver and Solberjum, one of the label’s most prized and talented artists, are assuredly two names who have potential to dish out hits after hits when combining forces. With their last collaboration being their 2015 track titled ‘Dom Dom‘, the production pairing is  back once again to deliver their next track ‘Bla Bla Bla‘. An upgrade on the original from Dance music legend Gigi D’Agostino, the latest track sees Dr. Shiver and Solberjum apply their production adeptness to deliver a thumping release on Art&Music Recording – and for free!

Taking some time off their busy schedule, we snapped up an opportunity to sit down with the two producers to hear their thoughts on the recent trend in Dance music to reference to classics of the era bygone. They also talk about their latest track, Dr. Shiver explains his idea of success for the label and what new music awaits the fans and followers during the coming months.

Congratulations on your latest release. It’s quite a big task to upgrade Gigi’s 1999 hit. We’re hearing this one was crafted quite some time ago at Art&Music Recording’s studios. What’s the story behind it?

Dr. Shiver: Well, it was about one year ago when Solberjum came to our Art&Music Recording Studios to finalize a few tracks with me. When all the work was done there was still some time before his departure so I asked him if he had any demo to play. He played a nice idea to me that we later developed and drastically changed till we had the final instrumental version of ‘Bla Bla Bla’. At that point Solberjum found a nice vocal and we thought the track was completely done but after a few months I just got the idea to use the acappella of ‘Bla Bla Bla’ instead of the vocal that we had originally used.

Solberjum did his magic and by re-sampling the same vinyl used by Gigi back in 1999, he recreated the ‘Bla Bla Bla’ vocal from scratch.

Solberjum: You know, it’s funny how a song can be developed from a draft idea. This one wasn’t expected, because I was in the Art&Music’s studio to finish mix, master and sound design for other tracks. I’m from Paris, so when I’m done with the work that I came to do in the A&M’s studios in Milan, I usually play new ideas to Bruno and see if there is one that deserves to be developed further.

In this case, Bruno liked the idea of one of my tracks which was basically called “Drop that Shit”, and he felt super inspired by the draft, so we decided to collaborate on that one and the funny thing is that, in the end, it sounds way different from my basic idea. The mood is still there but with Dr. Shiver’s touch. And his concept to add Gigi’s vocals “Bla Bla Bla” was so brilliant and dope that I reprogrammed the vocal to have a better quality on it than using the one made 25 years ago.

What do you think of today’s artists taking on yesterday’s classics? Does it have any implications for the industry and its listeners today?

Dr. Shiver: Well, my idea is that music is developing thanks to contamination. Contamination means a lot of things: different genres, cultures and musical tastes that are mixed together. But contamination is also taking a great old piece of music and trying to make it new. This is a great thing if you aim to bring something old to the ears of new generations for example. And this is what we have done with Solberjum. Taking an old classic and making it sound 2018!

Solberjum: I think today’s music is missing something that we lost after the 90’s. Something that I would call “Naïve Music”, or “Feeling Music”, I can imagine that it sounds strange but, today, music producers are looking to make the best mix/master, the best drop, the unexpected drop, or to find a unique sound, etc, etc… And in this new process we all forgot the basics of music which were, in my opinion, to create feelings and moods. That’s why I think that when we bring a classic piece into today’s music, it’s like we completed a little gap.

First quarter of 2018 already seems to be approaching an end, how has Art&Music Recording done so far in your assessment? What would be make 2018 a strong year for the label in your understanding?

Dr. Shiver: We have so many things going on for Art&Music. I have now presented in Miami for the spring break and the music week, thousands of tracks produced in our studio.

We have a lot of material that we are going to release very soon, new events we are going to develop and… there is also something else. Before coming to Miami we have transformed the live room of our studio in a “club”. I live mixed, presented and played my Hammond organ in that occasion presenting our Miami 2018 compilation. The whole thing was live streamed on Facebook as well and after seeing the incredible reaction of our fans we have decided to propose this kind of live events every 2 months.

The last collaboration was in the shape of ‘Dom Dom’ back in 2015. What has the journey been like between the both of you, seeing each other make and develop more music and work at the studios in the past 3 years?

Dr. Shiver: As mentioned, I work with Solberjum constantly. I am very proud of what he is doing and how he has been developing his skills during these years. When we signed him he was working on Ableton only and doing progressive house. After starting working together we found out that his real sound was more oriented towards house music. So we put those plans on hold and started to develop music in that direction. In these years Solberjum has developed a lot, becoming a great producer that now works also on Cubase and develops fresh sounds using all the virtual instruments and plugins available on the market. I am really happy to have contributed to this great growth he had.

Solberjum: Bruno helped me a lot to take my music at my current level. I came to A&M Recording’s with cool ideas but at that time I wasn’t able to make them sound top professional. So during the past 3 years, he shared all his skills with me, and gave me access to his studios, which is precious and rare.

There is something that took me a lot of time to understand from him, and it’s that he wants his artists to play the music game to their highest level, in other words, he wants us to play the “Champions league”. He wants us to be able to compete with the big names and not only to be able to make cool music.

That’s why I have improved my skills a lot during these past 3 years, he pushed us to achieve a top level and today I thank him for that.

Topping the last question, can we expect another collaboration between you anytime soon?

Dr. Shiver: Why not? We are constantly developing music together so I believe it will happen soon and we’ll find something new to collaborate on!

Solberjum: No doubt about it, we’re working together so closely that it will happen soon for sure. Probably even more today than in the past, because I also feel that in Dr. Shiver’s music, he wants to explore more genres and I see him more free in the way he makes music.

We’re really excited to hear about the new stuff that is yet to be released at the label. Any particular tracks or artists that you’re excited about?

Dr. Shiver: For sure! There are 2 collaborations I did that are ready to be released (one is with Jegers, the other with Japaroll). There are 3 new tracks of Solberjum on their way as well. Something you really can’t miss. On April 9th we are going to release the 5 remixes that won our Wavo remix competition for my track Brave Love with Jmi Sissoko. The winners are Rockyz & Galex with an incredible club remix.

On April 23rd we are then going to release a crazy tribal / groovy track titled Zulu made by two great artists that we have recently signed: Corx & Mathias D.

Last but not least, there are a couple of atomic bombs made by my little and defiantly incredibly talented brother David Allen… if you check out our Miami 2018 live compilation you might hear them as well.. you might need to guess which ones they are since they are still presented as IDs. Same goes for Solberjum !

You can download ‘Bla Bla Bla’ for free from Art&Music Recording’s Soundcloud here.

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