Headhunterz explains his return to Hardstyle in latest video

Considered around the world to be at the forefront of the Hardstyle scene, Willem Rebergen a.k.a Headhunterz is looked up to by millions of fans around the world. His departure from the genre that brought him to the global stage was explained in an Instagram post back in 2015 that sent his into a whirlwind of emotion, with some respecting his decision and understanding it while others couldn’t deal with the shock.

Following a series of memorable performances, unique releases and months of self-exploring, Rebergen marched back onto the Hardstyle scene in September of last year with a surprise festival performance at Defqon1 where he gave a speech announcing his return to the genre. As part of the latest series of videos titled “The Return of Headhunterz”, the most recently release aptly titled “Willem’s Story” dives into Headhunterz’ emotional return to the genre and how special it was for him to do so and headline the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. With his most novel hardstyle album out in the open, and a slew of shows lined up, it seems that Headhunterz is back to Hardstyle for good this time.

You can watch the above mentioned “Willem’s Story” below and let us know your thoughts on this triumphant return to the scene that sparked passions in music for countless people and for Willem himself.