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iTunes speculated to shut down paid downloads services from March 2019

While speculation runs rife about a lot of products and platforms that are essential to the Dance music industry – Soundcloud’s on & off story being one of  them, none have come quite as close to the heights of the talk of Apple deciding to shut shop on their iTunes Music Store setup. The rumors have appropriately come up at a time where Apple’s Apple Music streaming service seems to be making up ground against its prime competitor Spotify – with the former’s growth outdoing its competitor in the United States market. To the lay reader, the move seems reasonable, given the growth spurt that the streaming industry has experienced as against the market for purchasing the records from online platforms.

The move is speculated to be in the form of an early 2019 shut-down of their services on the paid-downloads platform of iTunes Music Store, although the already purchase music and the iTunes music player will see little effect upon themselves in totality. The shift’s most open indictment was Apple executive Jimmy Iovine’s statement that the services will shutdown as and when ‘people stop buying’. Aside from the overall aim of outdoing Spotify’s dominance in the industry, Apple will also be looking to shift its user base from the paid-downloading platform of the Music Store to the Apple Music streaming services – a project which has seen ‘critical‘ involvement from Iovine.

H/T: YourEDM

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