Kaskade Announces Redux Vol. 3 and New Track ‘fun’

With arguably the most successful edition of ‘Miami Music Week‘ and Ultra‘s 20th birthday now behind us, American legend Kaskade took to his hugely active twitter profile, making two huge announcements which will excite both his closest followers as well as all fans of electronic dance music.

After the success of the Redux EP 002‘, Kaskade fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the third instalment of the EP series. During his #askade Q&A with his fans on twitter, Kaskade said he has enough new music ready to release both a volume 3 and 4 at the moment, but also said that he will wait to release them in the right moment. Although fans would surely prefer to have both EPs released as soon as possible, he also stated that the two releases will be spaced out. This announcement generated multiple replies and excitement on twitter, asking for the EPs to be released.

During the Q&A, Kaskade also spoke about one of his most anticipated IDs ‘Fun‘, a banging track we have been hearing in his sets since his sold-out Redux Tour in late 2017. The American DJ and producer announced we can expect the song to be released early in May, which will definitely something to look forward to next month and track on our calendars. His memorable Ultra set was also full of many other unreleased tracks and mashups, which will have many fans eagerly waiting for the upcoming EP release to enjoy them in full quality.



Kaskade has had a great start to 2018 so far, after an extraordinary week in Miami where he hosted the first edition of Sunsoaked Miami and has received numerous compliments for his Ultra set. He also announced what we can expect to see from Sunsoaked SoCal 2018. Although special guests and supporting acts are still to be confirmed, the host disclosed that he is open to suggestions from his fans.




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