Laidback Luke includes tribute to Avicii in Latest Vlog

Legendary DJ and producer Laidback Luke made a special vlog in his weekly series to remember the late Avicii on Friday. The two had a special relationship, as Laidback Luke was one of the first to believe in the gifted producer, getting in touch through his famous forum back in 2008 when Avicii was creating his first tracks. Luke explains he would always give feedback, and was impressed by how rapidly the Swede’s tracks improved exponentially over a brief period of time. He was also the first to publish Avicii’s music and give him exposure he explains, when he released his first EP in 2009, featuring ‘Ryu‘. He later also explains that Avicii’s first experience as a DJ was at one of his Super You & Me events in Miami, where Avicii, then known as Tim Berg, opened up the night for a very small crowd and was described as very nervous. This event was also mentioned in Avicii’s Netflix documentary ‘Avicii: True Stories‘, showing how meaningful his relationship with Laidback Luke was.

Later in his vlog, Lukes talks about Avicii’s very driven personality, saying that no matter what obstacles he hit he would always find a way to get through them in order to achieve his ultimate vision. This trait also emerges in the documentary where he struggled with anxiety and health issues, but always did his best to perform at his shows and please his fans.

Luke also took this vlog as an opportunity to spread a very important message to his viewers, who are mostly aspiring producers and DJs looking to one day tour the world like him. His message is that anxiety and stress are two things that come with the life of a touring DJ, and one must be prepared to face them and keep them under control. He himself has dealt with these issues in the past, and promises to make a new vlog in the future where he explains how he keeps them under crontrol.

Watch the full tribute vlog on Laidback Luke’s YouTube channel below.

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