Mephi – Atomic Seagull

French DJ/Producer, Mephi has entered the scene once again with his latest House anthem, ‘Atomic Seagull‘. Once again, flaunting his dark, Bass House-influenced sound, Mephi adds to his ever-growing collection of tracks with his latest banger.

The track begins with a thumping kick and resounding bass, filled with bright hats and claps, before transitioning to the short breakdown/build-up. Quick, bouncy vocals slices slowly appear thanks to a high-pass filter, before the intense drop appears. Dirty bass, pumping toms and kicks and bright percussion all combine to give the drop a whole, full sound.The second break sees the vocals low-pass filtered again, with a siren playing in the background. As the filter is released once again, a breakbeat plays in the background, until the tension-building breakdown. The humility and quietness of the breakdown helps the drop hit hard, much to the delight of the listener.

Despite a modest following and library, Mephi has put up some commendable numbers. His debut single alongside close friend Cashew, ‘Funky Sh*t‘, earned more than 13,000 plays on SoundCloud, while his first solo single totalled a respectable 2,000 plays. Building solid foundations as an upcoming producer, Mephi has caught the attention of his peers.

Check out his new single, ‘Atomic Seagull’ below!

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