Mike Posner finds the man who gave him ‘A Pill In Ibiza’

Stay away from drugs! And if you just can’t, then in Mike Posner‘s case, at least make sure you produce a hit after taking them. The Seeb remix of Posner’s track ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’  was undoubtedly the hit of the summer of 2016. Mike Posner took the pill while witnessing a show of Swedish producer Avicii at Ushuaïa Beach Club in, surprise, Ibiza. After his adventurous night, the singer from the US could, of course, not remember who exactly gave him the infamous pill. However, after 2 years the mystery seems to be solved.

Out of the blue, an Irish guy called Bren Dunne tweeted a pic to Posner, asking if the singer from Detroit remembers the pill Dunne gave him. Normally, things you do while being on drugs are not exactly the stories you want to get a reminder of, but in Mike Posner’s case, he was destined to find him. Seems like the inspiration for putting together this catchy track , came from Bren Dunne from Dublin and his cousin, who reminded him of giving the pill to Posner.

After the reveal of the ‘pill-man’, the story around ‘I Took A Pill In Ibiza’ becomes even more interesting, even 2 years after release. Many people believed that Posner made a joke and did not actually swallow something at Avicii’s show and just wanted to produce a track with some explicit lyrics. It is going to be interesting to see if Mike Posner and Bren Dunne are going to meet up to reminisce about their unforgettable night. And who knows, they might even find content for a new viral hit…

Photo Credit: Universal Music