New AREA21 single “Places” teased by Martin Garrix

Known as one of the most prolific artists of our generation, Martin Garrix shows no signs of slowing down with new material. Having just teased the imminent release of his collaboration with none other than Loopers, Garrix yet again has everyone on the edge of their seats after footage leaked courtesy The Martin Garrix Hub from the Instagram story belonging to a friend of Garrix concerning a reported new song under his AREA21 alias.

Unleashing only a trickle of songs a year, AREA21 has amassed a great following with their signature future bass vibes from the wunderkind Garrix and heavy vocals provided by Maejor. The snippets of the Instagram story show most of the breakdown and buildup but cut out just before the drop. Fans will have to wait for more information regarding this release as the Loopers collaboration with Garrix seems to garner more momentum having been long awaited since Tomorrowland last year.

Regardless of what name the music is released under, there is something about Martin Garrix’s productions that have earned him one of the biggest and most loyal fanbases, the title of the youngest number 1 DJ in the world, the youngest person to play the UMF Miami mainstage and one of the most awarded producers of our time.

Tell us what you think of the track and how it fits in with the previous AREA21 releases that you can listen to below.