One Republic vs. Alesso – If I Lose Myself turns 5 years old

When debating the “golden era” of modern EDM music, fingers are often pointed towards the year of 2013, and they aren’t wrong. With a number of extremely successful tracks already to his name, Alesso was tasked with remixing one of pop music’s newest tracks. One Republic‘s “If I Lose Myself” was released in January of that great year and began to make its way through the charts, however it was a certain Swede that really gave the track the success it has today. With a blissful combination of the existing chords and vocal in their almost natural form, along with Alesso’s trademark progressive sound, an anthem was born. The particular date of that birth: 5 years ago today.

Looking through those years, its clear to see the success that the track has had. Dubbed by many as one of the best remixes of all time, Alesso’s remix instantly gathered support, which has continued to this day whilst racking up over 100 million views on YouTube alone. With the remix still widely played by DJ’s across the globe, including its producer, festival-goers and music listeners show their admiration for the track, gracefully echoing the vocals of Ryan Tedder in unison with the track. Pairing up the vocal with other track’s is often a go-to for DJ’s in their sets, with Alesso switching up the original break down for Coldplay‘s “Fix You” in this mashup from his Tomorrowland 2017 set:

This is a track that you can reminisce over for days, thinking about those old but certainly not forgotten times where progressive house thrived. Although the sound that Alesso first instilled is still dominant in numerous sets, the man himself has changed his tune along with so many others. Despite that, whether the glory days of progressive house have been and gone, or are still yet to grace main stages around the world, “If I Lose Myself” will fit in wherever, whenever.

To Alesso, thank you for providing so many of us with this incredible track. We were with it 5 years ago as it was born, and it will be with us as we grow old. Progressive house will always be alive.


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