Paul Mayson

Paul Mayson – Letting You Go

A masterful producer who has continued to garner respect around the globe with each of his releases, Paul Mayson has quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with. While each of his releases have remained highly diverse, the common theme is the prestige degree of detail attributed to each and every track, setting his tracks apart. His latest release, ‘Letting You Go‘, sees him banish genre boundaries yet again, fusing a number of influences to construct a truly unique offering.

Opening with haunting vocals effortlessly fused with an enchanting chord progression, ‘Letting You Go’ quickly displays an emotive quality. As each element of the track integrates, the adrenaline builds, exploding into a spellbinding apex. Although the track is soothing in nature, it retains an intense atmosphere throughout, and the impeccable melody ensures that the listener is transfixed from start to finish.

Priding himself on his unique approach, Paul Mayson regularly fuses multiple genres when producing:

“I feel like music fans should be made to feel intelligent. I always try to be forward-thinking musically and I’m very  passionate about pushing boundaries and writings songs that merge my electronic roots with influences from indie, rock and pop culture.”

‘Letting You Go’ has just been released on PRMD, check out the full track below.

24-year-old dance music addict from the UK. My biggest passions are progressive house, techno and trance.

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