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Porter Robinson reveals future plans for Virtual Self

Porter Robinson‘s return to the music scene last year was a boost of energy embraced by fans across the globe. Having caught everyone off-guard with his “neo-trance” project, Virtual Self, he went on to release a 5-track EP, pushing boundaries and bestowing a new sound upon the industry, as only he could.

However, amidst all this, it’s been a while since fans have heard new music from Porter, rather than Virtual Self, but when the 25-year-old is garnering support from Calvin Harris, there’s little reason to walk away from his newly-formed project. In a recent interview with MTV UK, the 25-year-old explained his reaction upon seeing Calvin’s tweet.

“I was just really surprised when Calvin tweeted that out. I’ve never interacted with him before, ever, and even as Porter we never had any relationship. Often times people won’t even say that kind of things when their buddies release new music, so I messaged him and I told him — and this is true — that I think his track from 2009 ‘I’m Not Alone’ was really inspirational for this project. It’s one of the only tracks from the last 10 years that sort of gives me that classic sort of trance feeling.”

While it’s unclear if listeners will ever hear tracks such as ‘Sad Machine‘, ‘Language‘ and ‘Lionhearted‘ live ever again, Robinson isn’t ruling out a return to his initial alias.

“I’m never going to stop writing music as Porter Robinson and I see Virtual Self as more of a tangent. I’m releasing more music as Virtual Self, I’m definitely going to be touring Virtual Self.”

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