REZZ confirms upcoming deadmau5 collaboration

“A lot of ppl always asking me ‘collab w/ this person or that person”

For the modern day producer, the above quote is a common thought. Speculation and rumours often grow around which producers will collaborate with one another, and recent Twitter conversations resulted in Ukrainian-born producer REZZ responding to fan messages with the above quote.

As one of electronic music’s biggest rising names, REZZ has a number of producers interested in her unique style. That particular style was recognised by the folks at mau5trap, who picked up her Juno Award-winning album ‘Mass Manipulation back in 2017. Label boss deadmau5, who is no stranger to Twitter conversation – and has developed quite a name for his no-nonsence presence on the platform – has recently been added into the collaboration debate, with REZZ prompted by one fan in the following Twitter thread.

The response from REZZ just 11 minutes later confirmed that a collab with deadmau5 – aka Joel Zimmerman – is in the pipeline, but only the perfect track will do.

With fuel added to the burning speculative fire that is Twitter conversations, the tweets speak for themselves in that REZZ does plan to collaborate with the Canadian producer. REZZ has featured on mau5trap with a number of tracks aside of the album, and has even remixed a deadmau5 track beforehand, hence the artist is not a stranger of her potential future collaborator. A number of styles have been explored by the two artists, so only time will tell as to what can be expected.

Here’s REZZ’s remix of deadmau5’s track “Slip”, to give you a taste of what could come in the future:

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