Strakton Records presents: Strakton Miami 2018

UK-based label Strakton Records is proud to finally release the mind-blowing ‘Strakton Miami 2018‘ compilation. Boasting the freshest house sounds and the electronic flavours, the EP gathers the hottest brand new tracks made by a huge and mesmerizing pool of artists including Kapes, Pais and Joseph, Guccii, Fabio Angeli, Giovanni Angelucci and Ameryka, Virox, and AloR.

Giovanni Angelucci kicks things off with his soothing Deep House anthem, ‘You & I‘. A light-hearted marimba, wooden percussion, vocal chops (in the second drop) and warm bass all combine to give this track the easy-listening summer vibe that fans will instantly fall in love with. Ameryka then makes an appearance with his track ‘Ocean Drive‘. Keeping the summer vibes alive, he makes a smooth transition from ‘You & I’ and takes things up a notch with his funky, Disco-inspired House anthem. The track is driven by a groovy bass guitar, a subtle strat guitar in the background and subtle male vocal chops, which are evidently heard in full in the breaks. Following Ameryka is Fabio Angeli, who changes the atmosphere, going one step darker as he keeps the funky vibes alive and well. Smooth male vocals, warm saturated bass and velvety claps & hats fill the air with swing, while a gorgeous piano slowly high-pass filters throughout the track.]

Guccii finally makes his appearance with his Bass House tune, ‘Dirty‘. Drawing a similar likeness to that of Valentino Khan, heavy kicks, deep bass and pitched-down vocals all combine to give this track a ‘Deep Down Low‘-esque vibe, while carving its own identity, with the help of a detuned piano in the final drop. Next up is Joseph, who brings deep, dark Future House vibes in his hard-hitting release, ‘Fuse In The Club‘. With fluctuating pluck synths, scintillating bass and heavy growls, Joesph’s latest release has all the makings of a club-hit. Following Joseph is Pais with his newest track, ‘On That‘. Combining Trap and Future Bass, Pais uses Trap-inspired breaks to create a hard-hitting impact upon the Future House-inspired drop’s arrival, as dirty electro synths and resounding bass flood the airwaves.

Next up is Kapes, who delivers his uptempo record, ‘Androids‘. With the break beginning with a low-pass filter on the master, it eventually eases up before reaching the enticing climax, where big, coruscating lead synths dominate the drop. Following Kapes’ frantic track, Virox changes things up as he brings his dark House vibes, intertwined with South American elements in his aptly titled track, ‘Flamenco‘. Grim, brooding horns, synths and bass flood the track’s breaks, before incorporating a flamenco guitar and authentic Latin-percussion elements, arousing listeners with a unique sound and experience. Closing out the EP is AloR, who goes against the grain with his Trap record, ‘The Wakandian‘. Driven by pitched-down African vocals, resonating sub-bass, horns and subtle screech synths, the first drop his heavily Trap inspired, however, he changes things up in the second drop when he implements a 4/4 kick pattern; a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Check out the entire ‘Strakton Miami 2018’ compilation album below and purchase or stream it here.

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