The Weeknd – My Dear Melancholy EP

In true The Weeknd fashion, the Canadian starboy just dropped a new fresh EP, ‘My Dear Melancholy,‘. The six-track extended EP is flooded with big electronic names, who hopped on multiple tracks to produce and add their signature touch to a project that seems to steer away from the mainstream hits of his latest album ‘Starboy‘. For this special occasion, artists including Skrillex, Gesaffelstein, and half of Daft Punk were summoned to participate in the making of the EP.

It’s not the first time The Weeknd has opened up to artists of other genres to go beyond the boundaries of his R&B sound. His famous hit ‘Starboy‘, which featured iconic duo Daft Punk and soared to the top of commercial charts all over the world, opened up a new world for The Weeknd, who since then has been looking for new ways to push his sound to new heights, while still keeping his roots grounded. In fact, he steers away from the mainstream hits he has been known for lately and takes a more intimate and reserved approach to his songwriting and production. The six tracks are filled with love stories, emotive atmospheres, and minimal R&B grooves which are reminiscent of The Weeknd’s early days.

While techno artist Gesaffelstein is actually the only producer to be featured openly as an artist on the EP, if you dig deeper into the song credits, you’ll notice that Sonny Moore (Skrillex) is listed as a writer and co-producer on the track ‘Wasted Times‘. This track is without a doubt the grooviest track on the EP, with a garage-style rhythm and intricate 808s. Looking deeper into the credits, Daft Punk aficionados will recognize Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo’s name (half of Daft Punk), listed as a writer and co-producer on the sentimental ‘Hurt You‘.

Check out ‘My Dear Melancholy,’ on Spotify below.