Wolfgang Gartner – Ching Ching

After impressing the Gartner fanbase and finding success with his track ‘Banshee’, a collaboration with rising star K?d, Wolfgang Gartner returns once again to satisfy fans with an original production called ‘Ching Ching‘. Having released electro music for over a decade, Wolfgang Gartner has become a name synonymous with the genre as the artist continues to play at the top of his game. Consistently pushing both the genre and his music further and further, the American DJ offers up his first original production of the year released on ALT: Vision Records in partnership with Casablanca Records.

Ready to kickstart the party, ‘Ching Ching’ will have everyone headed for the dancefloor the moment the play button is pressed. Packed with snappy percussion and that signature Wolfgang sound, the tracks infectious vibe will leave you wanting more and more from the LA-based artist. The prominent vocals of this production serve up and express a conscious message of how you cant take your money to the grave. Perhaps it is encouraging people to let go of their material wealth with lyrics such as “If you’re always buying drink and smoke, you’ll go broke” and “Why you always spend your money so fast, it won’t last”. None the less, Gartner has whipped up an electro masterpiece as ‘Ching Ching’ begins to make its rounds around the electronic dance scene.

Get ready to feel the disco-soul in this production from the DJ as the infectious beats and that super catchy cashier ‘ching ching’ sound get your body moving. Get your groove on and listen to ‘Ching Ching’ below.