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Zedd delivers breathtaking video for ‘One Strange Rock’

In honor of the release of National Geographic‘s new series ‘One Strange Rock‘, Zedd was assigned the duties to deliver a cinematic gem, inspired by the breathtaking images of the screenplay. The combination of stunning shots of some of the most unique and remote places on earth are juxtaposed to a production that fuses cinematic moods lead by Zedd’s piano, and electronic bursts exemplary of the Russian native.

We’re mostly used to hearing Zedd on the radio, or on the stage of the biggest festivals in the world, but this new project is on a league of its own and took the producer’s creative process into a new direction. With this new concept, Zedd hopes:

that once people hear this piece of music that I made for ‘One Strange Rock’ that they will realize that I am capable of writing emotional music outside what they think I can do.

For the occasion, he counted on the help of his good friend Brian Tyler, who handled and directed the orchestral part to add an epic edge to this unique track.

This collaboration with National Geographic features some of the best images from the new series directed by award-winning filmmaker Darren Aronofsky, hosted by Will Smith and told through the experiences of astronauts of how life came to exist on Earth as we know it. For the music video, the Nat Geo’s team projected these images onto the walls of a cave to create a surreal scenery that surrounds Zedd while he’s performing on the piano.

The new show is aired every Monday on National Geographic, and it’s no secret that Zedd is behind the whole soundtrack for the project. The images paired with his unique sound provide a perfect match and a viewing experience that is like no other. While you wait for next week’s episode, you can check out the music video below!