Paavo Above & Beyond ABGT300 common ground

BREAKING: Above & Beyond announce ABGT300 location

Nothing sends fans into a frenzy more so than the announcement of a new show, and a trio notorious for providing some of the biggest and best worldwide performances are Above & Beyond.  Hitting cities across the globe through recent years, Jono, Paavo, and Tony have become renowned for their incredible production quality, both in shows and in their music. With the announcement of their Above & Beyond Group Therapy 300 (ABGT300) show gathering plenty of speculation, the confirmation of the location came live on ABGT281. A number of locations were mentioned with plenty of fans showing their desire for a show nearby, and some digging deeper to find the reason behind the particular locations – such as this Reddit user.

Although the specific location was not guessed correctly, they hit the right continent, as Hong Kong was announced as the official location for ABGT300. This will be the second time the progressive trance trio hit Asia, with ABGT001 having been held in Bangalore, India. With spectacular locations having been the hosts of previous shows, this edition is sure to be the trio’s best yet.  A short clip was released on the Above & Beyond social media pages to display previous locations, and excite fans ready for the 300th installment of their show.

The ideals promoted by Above & Beyond are what make their shows unique. Their idea of creating a community feel within their listeners has brought together sounds and ideas, with the trio incorporating other aspects into their shows, such as their yoga set which was announced for their Steel Yard show later this month in London. The combination of music, culture, people and breathtaking venues – such as The Gorge Amphitheater that held ABGT250 – will continue its worldwide takeover as the trio hit Hong Kong on Saturday 29th September this year. Pre-sale commences on May 18th, and signup details can be found here.

Take a look back to ABGT250, and the immense set provided by Above & Beyond below.

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