Alesso hints at upcoming collaboration with Sebastian Ingrosso

One of the last times Alesso and Ingrosso ever put their minds together, the historic “Calling” was created. For years fans have drooled at the idea of another collaboration between the Swedes. The two are some of the biggest stars in the scene at the moment and both have very hectic summer touring schedules lined up. This past weekend, Alesso took to the mic to say “Ingrosso and I have some surprises this summer”. We have “Calling”, we have “Eclipse (Why Am I Doing This)”, and now some 2018 material.

2016 was the last time that the two artists stirred the pot regarding a collaboration. It has been many years since we’ve seen some material be produced by both artists. When Alesso was starting out, some of the biggest and most prominent support he received was from Ingrosso and his Swedish brethren who would regularly support his tracks during the start of his career. One of the first sets Alesso ever played was at Café Mambo in Ibiza warming up for the SHM almost 7-8 years ago. It could almost be said the the artists sounds evolved together, each learning and growing from one another.

During a show at Encore Beach Club in Vegas, Alesso spilled some big news. It would appear the the summer of 2018 is when this new collaboration material finally reaches the world. With many tour dates throughout May, June, July, and August for both artists, it would be safe to say we might hear an ID or two. Stay tuned in the coming months and weeks for anymore info!

Check out the transcribed audio from his liveset below: