Altered Terrane – Far Corners EP

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Dutch duo Altered Terrane are ready to burst onto the scene as they unleash their debut EP ”Far Corners” on San Francisco based record label Estética Cibernética. Consisting of Laurens van de Werken and Benjamin Nater, Altered Terrane’s four-track EP is an expression of their love for the darker side of Drum & Bass, and is aimed at setting dancefloors alight over the coming months. Each track offers something creative and unique, showcasing their versatility in the studio perfectly. Having started making music together in a cover band at university, they quickly switched to electronic music production after graduating. Both have always been drawn to fast beats and deep bass, but only started to produce this heavier side of the electronic spectrum in 2017.

The EP kicks off with ‘Sarab’, a hauntingly dark production with tribal influences intertwined throughout. The most mysterious and cinematic piece in the EP, this track has elements from classic D’n’B fused alongside hostile breaks and some pretty belligerent bass. Equally as dark and destructive, ‘Ultramafic’ is bookended by some nasty bass and an eerie tone, as Altered Terrane craft a melancholy presence that can be felt lurking throughout the track.

Up next is ‘Through The Worm’, which is an evocative pathway to interstellar travel. With immaculate sound work and exceptionally crafted beats, the experimental duo continues to prove they are always trying something new. Whilst last but not least we have ‘Hish-Qu-Ten’ – a truly powerful track that explores the ominous side of Drum & Bass. With aggressive kicks, heavy basslines, intricate sound design, an atmospheric breakdown all presented through a forbidding melody, this production is sure to take listeners through a journey through the outer reaches of space.

Altered Terrane’s explosive arrival proves that they are a force that is here to stay. If the ”Far Corners” EP is anything to go by, we can only wait in eager anticipation to see what they have coming for us next. Check out the entire EP on Spotify now.