Ultra Europe

Axwell & Ingrosso drop new music during Mexico show

Axwell & Ingrosso have started festival season with a bang. Currently, the iconic ensemble are kicking off a long and lengthy summer tour that includes spots all across the globe. Last year, the duo dropped their mesmerizing EP “More Than You Know“. With a massive following a fans constantly keeping their discography in check, we have new tunes on the go. So far, we have two ID’s to keep an eye on in the next few months. The first being their galactic intro track they premiered at Ultra Miami and second is a little number known as “Dancing Alone” for now.

Full of super saw plucks and soulful vocals, this track is as fresh as it gets. Played during their show at Wish Outdoor Monterrey, Mexico, this new track has started to circulate the web since it propped up a day ago. It’s too early to pinpoint a singer or whether it’s a possible collaboration. For now, we know the duo have started to overhaul their sound slightly and have incorporated much more “radio friendly” elements into some of their productions. “Dancing Alone” contains great plucks and a boss melody.

The Swedish mavericks just might be heading to your area, so keep an eye on their tour schedule. With locations such as New York, Sweden, Poland, and Italy on the horizon, you might be able to hear “Dancing Alone” while it remains fresh. May has been quite the month for the Swedes, as Sebastian Ingrosso raised more SHM rumors. The seemingly cryptic nature of their social media movements always fires up fans and keeps the fiery SHM energy alive. All in all, “Dancing Alone” remains the second piece of new material unveiled by Axwell & Ingrosso in the past few months. Whether it’s actually by them or a collab remains a mystery however time will tell.

Check out a snippet of “Dancing Alone” below.