red rocks

Above & Beyond – Red Rocks

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Above & Beyond are once again back with a massive new single ‘Red Rocks‘ which will entrance listeners with its epic melodies, nostalgic atmospheres, and unmatched energy. Released on their own label Anjunabeats, this new tune is clearly oriented towards the upcoming festival season, and will undoubtedly provoke a massive crowd reaction. The track is unique enough to serve as an epic ending to any kind of electronic music DJ set, as well as a great addition to your favorite playlists for working out or to jam to in the car.

Delivered both is a radio edit, and an extended mix for the DJs who will be spinning this one on stage, ‘Red Rocks’ is another certified hit from the English electronic music trio consisting of Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness, and Paavo Siljamäki. The legendary trio seems to be on fire this year, as their fourth studio albumCommon Ground‘ was released in January, and since then they have been touring around the world to celebrate and promote its release. Nonetheless, the three producers found the time to get back in the studio and deliver this new gem of a tune to delight their fans with some more new music. The track stays true to their trance roots and highlights the sounds and style that shot them to the top. This track was actually named after and inspired by the legendary venue Red Rocks in Colorado. As Above & Beyond are set to perform there on May 19th, fans will be able to hear the track live just a few days after its official launch.

Check out ‘Red Rocks’ on Spotify below.