Calvin Harris involved in serious car crash in Los Angeles

One of the most celebrated artists in the history of dance music Calvin Harris, real name Adam Richard Wiles, has been involved in a serious car crash in Los Angeles. This comes just days after he was crowned the most played Scottish artist of the 21st century which is a very prestigious title the highly awarded producer has added to his collection. Calvin was driving around the town of Los Angeles with his girlfriend Aarika Wolf behind the steering wheel of a Range Rover, when the pair’s vehicle plowed into a Honda in front of them with 2 girls inside which cause the car’s airbags to deploy and momentarily spin out of control. This isn’t Harris’ first car accident as he was involved in one a couple of years ago that had him hospitalised.

The celebrity couple were invited into a friend’s nearby home while they awaited the cars to be towed and it is reported that the two girls in the Honda are planing on filing a police report against Harris and his girlfriend for this incident. In a recently written tweet that you can view blow, which Harris has since taken down, he seemed regretful and apologetic over the accident. He also stated that it was out of his control and that he was grateful that it’s all ok.

Calvin Harris Tweet

Fans are only speculating what will happen next to Harris and what is the aftermath of the accident. Stay tuned while we bring you the latest updates as soon as we receive them.