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When it comes to innovative and cutting-edge production, no festival in the world leads the way like Creamfields, and the 2018 edition is no exception, as the fields of Daresbury welcomes a new landmark this year as the award winning festival has just unveiled SILO – the first truly 360 degree, stadium-like structure and the first of 3 all new arenas to be revealed this year.

After 12 months of planning, setting out to create a fully immersive structure, something dark, intimate and completely different to any other festival stage, Creamfields SILO was born. A cylindrical chamber, with a bespoke sound and light experience, designed to envelope the audience as a result, offering a truly immersive 360 experience that will prove to be an all round assault on the senses.

From the days of the Roman Colosseum, experiencing live events β€œin the round” has been a sure-fire way to feel part of the action. The SILO structure builds on this concept by providing a 40m wide circular dance-floor, with towering walls and a vast cylindrical space and tiered viewing platforms giving festival goers a unique aerial view taking the party to the next level… literally!

Despite a 360 wall of sound and custom video, 140 hybrid strobes and 80 moving lights, the show design will be simple: dark, underground and immersive offering a truly unique audio, visual experience. Grab your tickets for Creamfields 2018 here!