Dada Life – Our Nation

With their third studio album, Swedish heavyweights Dada Life churn out “Our Nation”. An album that has been at least 2 years coming, Olle Cornéer and Stefan Engblom have compiled a 12 track ensemble of some of their finest work to date. Having slipped into a rather silent limbo period in the fall of 2017 after Olle Cornéer announced his intent to take a break from touring,  he noted he intended to work diligently in the studio. Filled with all star collaborations, fresh sunset vibes, and hot and heavy bangers, “Our Nation” has a track for every lover of dance music.

Dada Life are known throughout the scene for their massive stage presence, huge floor filling bass lines, and crafty studio endeavours. Heralded as being one of the godfathers behind the “phat” sound, Dada Life command a respect like no other. Bit by bit we have been treated to parts of the album before it fully came to fruition. In December of 2017, “We Want Your Soul” was released with positive feedback overall. Then in March of 2018, “Higher Than The Sun” was unleashed. A funky and fresh number, the Swedes cooked up a laid back, vocal track that is overflowing with acid-bass lines, cheerful synth work, and sexy lyrics. Speaking to the creative process behind the album, Dada Life mentioned that many songs didn’t make the cut for “Our Nation”, alluding to how the collection is a culmination of their finest work.

Starting with the orchestral introduction of “Our Nation” we receive an epic piece of music right off the bat. Rich, organic instruments complete the short symphony piece before the synths cut through and pick up right into the self titled track “Our Nation”. Massive, energetic bass and phat drums shine through as the upbeat banger explodes. Next in the lineup is “Sunday F*** You Too” featuring Anthony Mills. A track speaking to the perils of being overworked and needing an escape, the track is a crisp tune about just simply getting loose, and of course how Sunday’s might not be the best day.”Higher Than The Sun” is a funky pop tune fully loaded with rich sounds and great vocals. “Do It Till Your Face Hurts” is an aggressive bass track that jumps out of speakers.

“One Nation Under Lasers” is a giant, trancey jam juiced up with large synth leads and crunchy drums. “Happiness” featuring the vocal work of both RABBII and Anthony Mills is a unique track with spaced out guitar lines and smooth vibes. One of the slower tracks, the record contains two stark sections, one soft and cheerful, and another dark and gritty. “B Side Boogiee” is a groovy electro jam that will surely be a fan favourite. Max White makes his solo appearance on “The World Can Burn“, a lovely laid back summer jam. One of the stand out songs on the whole album is “We Want Your Soul” released back in December of 2017. The vocals fit the Dada Life mantra perfectly as the Swedish pair go full hardcore mode on the bass and compression. Huge vocoder bass and floor filling synths complete this rager. Clocking in as one of the few instrumentals is “Headless Hobby Horse” , smooth plucks and a clean vibe overall make this a rather unique track. Last but not least is “Falling Back in Time” featuring the vocals of RABBII. Moody, atmospheric, and dreamy, this track comes as the perfect close for “Our Nation”.

Enjoy for yourself! Check out the new Dada Life below.