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Deadmau5s ‘HaxPigMeow’ featured in video of renowned YouTuber

Some DJs and producers even earn fame outside of ‘our’, the EDM, world. Names like David GuettaEric Prydz or Zedd are recognized around the world due to their various tracks played in radios worldwide. Canadian producer and dance music icon Deadmau5 also is up on that list. Tracks ‘Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff’ helped Deadmau5 establish his big fanbase. Touring around the world, the next amazing show will take place at the iconic Printworks in London this November. Now, the worldwide fame of Joel Zimmerman, his given name. got even bigger.

The world-renowned YouTuber Marque Brownlee used Deadmau5’s track ‘HaxPigMeow’ in one of his videos. MKBHD has over 6 million subscribers, so the track originally from 2017 will get some extra boost. Brownlee’s channel is all about electronics, so the track suits the video very well, given the fact that Deadmau5 himself is a big technology fan and gamer. The sound of ‘HaxPigMeow’ reflects exactly that. Over 10 minutes of length, the track could also as well be part of the soundtrack of a 80s or 90s video game. The synthesizers are typical for the genius Deadmau5 and the melody sounds like 16-bit music. This combination makes the track one of many Deadmau5 masterpieces. Given the massive duration of the track, it is even more astonishing that Joel wasted no time with an extensive build-up but jumps right into the action.

No matter if you want to try a speedrun of your favorite video game, go for a walk in the park or if you simply want to relax; ‘HaxPigMeow’ is perfect for every situation, Next for Deadmau5 is a long-awaited collab with fellow Canadian DJane Rezz as well as appearances on festivals like EDC Japan in Tokyo or Spring Awakening in Chicago. Check out the video of MKBHD as well as ‘HaxPigMeow’ itself below!