Deucestacks & Spaceboifresh

Deucestacks & Spaceboifresh – Redwine & Backwoods

Los Angeles rapper Deucestacks has just released his brand new album alongside Spaceboifresh. Entitled “Redwine & Backwoods”, the 8 track LP is a Hip Hop album about reflection, experience and growth. Sounding like Oukast, Wu-tang, & Pharcyde with production from The Neptunes, & Hi-Tek, the album is the result of over two years of dedicated work from both artists along with their numerous collaborators. The tracks all follow a similar pattern in the sense that they are startlingly atmospheric and impeccably produced and recorded.

Standout tracks include the opening single “Fly Bird”, a chilled and down-tempo R’n’B production that isolates a sensitive vocal layer throughout, giving the breezy track an emotional and feel good edge. Another particularly strong track, “Love Like” is pure contagion. Featuring Dave Coresh and Vidamin C, the success here hinges on both rappers’ ability to retain the sweetness of production with a seamless vocal flow. Overall, this is an impressive album, as Deucestacks and Spaceboifresh have undeniably produced a unique piece of art that promises to further cement their place as two of Hip-Hop’s rising stars.

Check out all eight tracks from “Redwine & Backwoods” in full below.