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Don Diablo & HILDA – Wake Me When It’s Quiet

Having already unveiled a staggering number of new releases over the course of 2018, Don Diablo continues to prove exactly why he is so widely respected as an artist. His latest release landed today, and has a great degree of emotion behind it. After the whole of the music industry was shaken by the tragic death of Avicii last month, many artists have paid their respects through emotional tributes. Don Diablo and Swedish singer/songwriter HILDA have taken this a step further, releasing a single to commemorate Avicii while also benefiting mental health charities.

Wake Me When It’s Quiet‘ has many references to Avicii’s struggles throughout its lyrics. Written with Avicii in mind, but with lyrics that will resonate with many around the world, the single has a deep emotional power. Using upbeat future house infused synths in conjunction with the captivating melody, the track is a harmonious masterpiece. With such addictive vocals and resonating lyrics, there is no doubt that the track will quickly become a favourite among electronic music fans, particularly Don Diablo’s loyal worldwide following.

Not only is this a phenomenal record, it will also benefit many around the world, with profits set to be donated to Swedish charity Tilia as well as various other mental health organisations. Speaking about the track, HILDA shares her inspiration:

“It came together the morning after we got the tragic news. Being one of our generation’s greatest icons and inspiring
millions of people from all over the world… the shocking news shook us at our very core. Knowing Don shared exactly the same emotions, it felt natural to collaborate with him on this song.”

Having just recently completed his ‘Better Future Tour‘ around Europe in aid of the Dutch Cancer Society, Don Diablo is no stranger to helping those in need, and has always shown a desire to make the world a better place. Speaking about the release, he said:

“When I listened to it the first time it touched me deeply in so many ways. As artists the best way to express our emotions is through music so I locked myself up in the studio and was determined to walk out with something magical that would do justice to the sincere message of the demo and the incredible talent of HILDA. I truly felt this song needed to get heard. So many people are struggling with mental health problems and we have to make sure to never turn a blind eye to this.”

Listen to ‘Wake Me When It’s Quiet’ below.

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