Dubvision and Firebeatz unite to form brand new supergroup METAFO4R

To say EDC Las Vegas kicked off with a bang is an understatement. The highly acclaimed American festival gathers the industry’s elite year after year, and 2018’s results are just stunning. Of all the killer shows, lovely tributes, and exciting new music buzzing throughout the scene within the past few days, some of the most exciting info comes wrapped in a beautiful little package with “progressive house comeback” written all over it. Dubvision and Firebeatz have just joined forces to create a wicked new supergroup titled METAFO4R.

As solo acts, both Dubvision and Firebeatz pack a huge punch. The two Dutch power duos are known for their high energy, melodic house bliss that comes super-charged and fully outfitted to take down the worlds biggest stages. Earlier in the year the two groups announced that they would be sharing the stage together in a B2B performance during this year’s EDC Las Vegas. Then, only a short amount of time before they graced the stage, the two unveiled their plans to create METAFO4R. They played a prime slot which was from 8:13–9:25PM PST at the kineticFIELD stage.They had promised new music, and they truly delivered.

Let’s properly set the context for this exciting news and explore why it is something to relish in. For years, progressive house was the unblemished genre that dance music centered around throughout the EDM explosion around the world. From 2013 onward, new genres started to mold the identity of the movement, ranging from deep house to big-room, and now more recently with indie dance and variations that follow a separate discourse than the traditional four-on-the-floor rhythm. Dubvision and Firebeatz soared to the top of the heavyweight ring with their progressive anthems and took thousands of fans along with them.

METAFO4R dropped an un-paralleled amount of ID’s during their show. With a spectacular intro and wicked slew of tracks, they came out strong. Tracks from the likes of Flume, Kanye West, and Kendrick Lamar were also dropped, provoking a monumental crowd reaction.

Check out the full set below.