Duke & Jones unveal new trap flavored tune ‘Breathe’

21-year-old Manchester based duo Duke & Jones continue to show their versatility unveiling their newest trap flavored tune ‘Breathe‘. Making their name in the UK club scene, catching the ears of EDM megastars such as Afrojack, Diplo, DJ Snake, and several more. The experimental duo has entered 2018 in a much more pure genre of trap than their past discography.

With almost 10 years of production experience shared between the duo, their youth is certainly an upside to their impressive achievements so far. Having already experimented in genres including progressive house, pop, and tropical house their focus Duke & Jones are known for using hip-hop elements in their productions, however considering their last release in ‘Tusk‘ that gives an almost Amazonian ambiance, accentuated by heavy 808 – kick patterns and a distinctly pitched flute melody the duo has seemingly been moving more percussively heavy.

In ‘Breathe‘ these percussive elements are on much more of a display, with the pop of tight single count snare rolls, snappy yet faint subtle snap clicks and an 808 line that brings the tune to life. The duo also uses a rather familiar sample in the tune which you may recognize from the world-famous film series “Star Wars“. Duke & Jones give off a rather UZ-esque feel with this tune as ‘Breathe‘ comes off as a slow burner type feel, shaping into a rather syrupy trap product with a heavy dose of textured subwoofer appeal.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the duo would bring comparisons to the massive trap name. Circle back to the duo’s trap smash ‘Ransom‘ in 2016, the tune was a percussive masterpiece. The massive full-bodied horns filled the track giving it plenty of grit giving it just another element to key in on, on top of the heavy toms, crucial bongos fills, and other impressively under sighted drum work.

Check out ‘Breathe‘ via SoundCloud below.