Dwebby – Hands On Me

American future bass talent Dwebby has released his scintillating new tune, ‘Hands On‘. Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, he describes his sound as a combination of future bass, house and techno, with a wide variety of exciting EDM influences, all playing a part in defining the overall tone of Devin Weber’s music.

The track begins with a harp-inspired synth melody, pads and the lead vocal. As the track progresses, the bass gradually ascends for a short period, before the breakdown arrives, driven by sidechained, plucky chords. Following a short build-up, the drop arrives. Boasting a stop-start nature, the drop features bright lead synths followed by a warm, tight bass and punchy kicks.

Maintaining the same relaxed vibe as the first break, the second break brings back the harp synth, vocals and soft pads. Pushing a consistent song structure, the track is as well mixed as it is catchy.

Despite a modest following, Weber has developed a respectable back catalogue of tunes, with 4 of his last 5 songs fetching thousands of plays on SoundCloud. While each song appears to be uniquely different, they’re all linked by Dwebby’s alternative, experimental sound. With production skills like these, Devin Weber is one to watch!

Listen to ‘Hands On’ below!

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