Dyro’s release on Revealed Recordings ‘Leprechauns & Unicorns’ turns 5 years old

Ever since Revealed Recordings first started in 2010, Dutch DJ and producer Dyro has been an important part of the label’s success in the early years. The initiator of Revealed, Hardwell, was also one of Dyro’s closest friends. Their collab ‘Never Say Goodbye’ is one of EDM’s all-time classics. Today, another signature track of the 26-year old producer turns 5 years old – ‘Leprechauns & Unicorns’.

Although ‘Leprechauns & Unicorns’ never was as famous as his track with Hardwell, it is definitely one that defined the sound of Dyro and house music in 2013. The name of the track may be hard to understand for non-native English speakers at first, the sound is definitely catchy. Even after 5 years. The build-up is raw and unconventional, yet a typical sound for the releases of Revealed Recordings by that time. Dyro managed to mix raw and hard synthesizers together with sounds and vocals that make you want to dance and jump. The name ‘Leprechauns & Unicorns’ is as suiting as ever for the track. The difference in velocity between the drops is perfect for building a tension for whats to come in the massive and energetic drop. The track was even part of the ‘The Sound Of Revealed – Mixed By Kill The Buzz’ sampler in 2014, underlining the importance of ‘Leprechauns & Unicorns’ for Revealed and the huge success Dyro had with it.

No matter if you would see yourself as a leprechaun or as a unicorn,  you will definitely get flashbacks to the golden time of House music while listening to the track again. And even if you only know the newer releases of Dyro, ‘Leprechauns & Unicorns’ is a must listen!  The track was one of the reasons for Dyros’s massive boost in his career and his success he now has. So with all that being said, sit back and relaxed the old-school vibes of ‘Leprechauns & Unicorns’ below!