Eric Prydz PRYDA

Eric Prydz releases new edit of BETON’s ‘Directions’ under techno alias Cirez D

The man known throughout the electronic world as having some of the most cycled production elements in the electronic world is back, this time under his techno alias Cirez D. It all stems from an anonymous Belgian producer named BETON. It’s only after the mysterious producer’s thumping track ‘Directions‘ was released on Tiga‘s infamous Turbo Recordings, that it caught the ear of Eric Prydz. The song became a staple in Tiga’s sets and according to label head Tiga per sources at DJ Mag and Billboard Dance he revealed,

“Everywhere I played it, people asked what it was… [and] Recently, after having posted a clip of it online, an old friend by the name of Eric Prydz aka Cirez D asked me what it was and if he could have it… He was so into the track that he asked to do his own high-octane edit of it.”

With the heavily kick and hat driven track, Prydz who also recently announced a new 4 track EP, made the conscious decision to release the 7 minute 21-second rework under his techno alias Cirez D, which has seen plenty of work stemming all the way back to 2003. Prydz edit of ‘Directions‘ takes only a slight derivation from the original, as he flips the track into a more DJ-friendly tool to induce a pure groove. With vocal samples provided by Wevie Stonder, the track puts a heavy emphasis on the full-bodied bassline and digitally distorted drums.

Even Tiga expressed his happiness with the end product saying,

“We toyed with the idea of keeping it as a top-secret weapon for personal use, but decided to share it with the world instead… [‘Directions’] is a huge track made even bigger, and a perfect example of the Turbo family at work.”

Listen to the Cirez D edit of BETON’s ‘Directions‘ via SoundCloud.