Falcan & Lennard Elliot ft. Thomas Geelens – Summer Love

Dutch DJ/Producer producer Falcan has teamed up with close friends Lennard Elliot and vocalist Thomas Geelens to deliver their latest soothing Deep House anthem, ‘Summer Love‘. All hailing from various locations across the Netherlands, the three have combined their talents to come together in their single.

A calm, relaxing track through and through, the song begins with Geelens’ soft vocals and delicate guitar, with a warm, low-passed piano playing in the background. The pre-chorus sees the removal of the kick, as the vocals and guitar are isolated until the seamless transition to the chorus.

When describing the group’s inspiration behind ‘Summer Love’, Falcan explained the following:

“With Summer Love we tried to create an atmosphere with a warm feeling; bright and hopeful, simple and melodic at the same time. The purpose of this song is to make these summer feelings stronger.”

As the chorus arrives, listeners are met with a reverb-soaked guitar, creating a relaxing, ambient atmosphere as bright hats and claps and warm bass fill out the rest of the frequency spectrum. Embracing the laid-back nature of Summer, the track is aptly titled and doubles up with a good, clean mix.


Listen to ‘Sumer Love’ below and download for free here!

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