Hardwell Harrison

Hardwell feat. Harrison – Earthquake

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Having previously held the prestigious title of world’s number 1 DJ, and with a collection of chart-topping releases in his arsenal, Dutch DJ sensation Hardwell is back with another new release. A collaboration with an artist he worked with on ‘Sally’ from his debut album ‘United We Are’, Hardwell returns to work with UK vocalist Harrison, treating fans to a new single titled ‘Earthquake‘. Harrison is no stranger to the spotlight either, having featured on hit single ‘Ain’t a Party’ with legendary producer David Guetta, and having recently unleashed a brand new single that he both sang on and produced. The dynamic duo have given the world of dance music a track that is sure to be on repeat for the perceivable future.

The track opens up with Harrison’s signature vocals ensuring the crowd “jump and make the ground shake” coupled with a beat from Hardwell that leads slowly but surely into a high tension buildup. The main melody of the track kicks in soon after. Just before the drop, Harrison calls on fans to “make the ground shake like an Earthquake” while Hardwell’s masterful production hits with a bang. Euphoric synths and a transcendent melody that are reminiscent of good memories at a Saturday night rave force even the most tired of listeners onto the dancefloor. The track then takes a more mellow tone into the 2nd breakdown where fans are treated to a calm rendition of the track’s main melody with added synths that serve as a reminder of why Hardwell is one of the best at his craft.

The track does a marvelous job at keeping everyone on the edge of their seats and well engaged from start to finish. Combining the best of Harrison’s vocals with Hardwell’s world-renowned sound to take listeners on a high-octane ride. You can grab a copy of the track here which is out now on Hardwell’s very own label Revealed Recordings.

Check out ‘Earthquake’ on Spotify below.