Hardwell & Metropole Orkest – Conquerors

EDM superstar Robbert van de Corput better known as Hardwell is back at it again with another massive release. Following his most recent release ‘Earthquake‘, the Dutch mastermind is back at it again with a two part thriller entitled ‘Conquerors‘.

The opening track serves as a build and features a cinematic quality string symphony, which slowly builds the listeners suspense. The building crescendo finally empties out into a faint ticking which then slyly bellows into the first notion of our tracks melody. The moving strings are accompanied by a beautifully accented harmony which slowly rises into a signature Hardwell synth line which sees our way into part two of the track.

This is what we came for, moving seamlessly into part two, Hardwell makes sure to acknowledge while this is certainly an initially experimental tune due to the opening cinematic number, this is certainly a festival tune as well. Focusing all his energy on his signature big room synths, kick and undertones, the euphoria ‘Conquerors‘ is able to evoke is second to none.

Now not only does Hardwell have a massive release scheduled but the European mainstay is also slotted to preform on one of the worlds largest platforms, playing the UEFA Champions Festival – the festival accompaniment to one of the globes top annually viewed sporting events. While the estimated 360 million viewers won’t have the ability to tune into the Champions League Festival, it’s just another ticket and destination in Hardwell’s ever expanding list of venues and events played.

With Kyiv going into the books, the Ex-#1 DJ in the world per to DJ Mag, still has plenty more festivals to attend this year including Spring Awakening, Creamfields, and the FM4 Frequency Festival to name a few. However in the meantime, listen to Hardwell’s newest tune ‘Conquerors‘ below: