Hardwell teases latest release ‘Earthquake’ via Twitter & announces release date

It’s that time of year when Ultra’s ID’s finally turn into public tunes, and this particular ID starts and ends with Hardwell who’s both teased and announced a release date for his next tune via Twitter. Still, among the top 5 most globally recognized DJ’s, Hardwell, a master with his ability to captivate crowds, reveals a clip of his tune ‘Earthquake‘.


The tune never saw a small reception in fact, it was one of several ID’s that were played in front of the hundreds of thousands gathered in Bayfront Park for one of the worlds most influential dance festivals in Ultra Music Festival. Not only does he tease said release, but he also and pinpoints a release date set on May 11th. The EDM megastar latest release entitled ‘Ze Willen Mee‘ featuring the likes of Bizzey, former MC of Yellow Claw and fellow Dutch rapper Lil’ Kleine the trio delivers a Dutch hip-hop extravaganza, however its a dramatically different feel from Hardwell’s normal pop/house genre mainstays.

With ‘Earthquake‘, the teasers we’ve received thanks to Hardwell and Revealed Records – the big room thumper is going to be a massive 2018 mid-year release. From the 30 second clip Revealed provides, the incredibly airy synth lines and undeniably euphoric chord work, not to mention the massive percussive elements kick and bass driven, ‘Earthquake‘ certainly has all the tailor-made signs of a big festival tune.

Speaking of big festivals tunes, with the date of release pinpointed to this Friday, that leaves plenty of time for the track to make its way into the setlist for those influential festivals around the globe including EDC Las Vegas, Spring Awakening, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, Tomorrowland and so many more. There’s no telling what Hardwell’s next venture is going to be musically since the return of Swedish House Mafia maybe its enough to surge the producer to come back with a few similarly styled house tracks. Who knows?