Inaudible – Wicked & Wild

Seattle based DJ/Producer, Inaudible has dropped his latest track, ‘Wicked & Wild‘. His song release, ‘FWM‘ was his debut release and was met with decent reception, considering his modest following. Despite only having 2 tracks, Inaudible has already demonstrated a continuous theme & sound throughout his productions.

The track begins with dark bells and reverb-soaked vocal chops. A tribal drum gradually enters the mix, before a dirty synth stab hits, as a full vocal chants over the tribal drum and eerie percussion elements in the background until the drop arrives. A thumping kick and resounding sub bass inundate the speakers with bass, as a gritty, distorted synth plays over the top in the drop. Despite the simplistic formula, the unique sound design of the main synth encapsulates listeners.

The second break opens with the return of the bells, as well as goth-like choir vocals before the heavy kick drum once again returns. Maintaining the dark, ominous atmosphere, a hat & snare are included, as vocal slices prominently feature over the rest of the elements in the mix, before the seamless transition to the drop once again. Keeping the same formula, the melody structure is altered just enough to keep listeners engaged. Despite the minimalist nature of the track, the “less is more” idiom aptly comes into play.

Listen to ‘Wicked & Wild’ below!

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