Premiere: Kiba – Echoes EP

At the very heart of its history, Electronic music was a space for the path-breakers. And while its still an accolade reserved for a few in today’s industry, every now and then a producer crops up to remind us that it isn’t what it is – there still are path-breakers and even more paths to break. Joining those ranks, American producer and musician Kiba is looking set to impress us with something fresh from his production desk. Titled ‘Echoes’ and released on Simplify Recordings, the San Francisco resident’s 3-track EP is a jolt from his past, as the budding yet talented producer compiles his earliest projects to deliver a full-fledged EP.

Kicking things off with the title track itself, the EP receives a soft and positive start as the ‘Echoes’ track builds slow and with utmost progressive perfection – featuring clock-wrenching, chimes and a carefully entwined combination of an unforgettable melody and upbeat percussions. Featuring all kinds of vocal snippets and a sullen emotional buildup, the title track eventually breaks into an overwhelming ‘drop’ before winding down in a remarkable fashion.

Up next, ‘Before You’ featuring Landy Cantrell on the vocals, is a production that showcases the best of the two artists as on the one hand, the California based singer and songwriter brings out the best of his voice to impress the listener, and on the other, Kiba is back at it in a sumptuous manner, laying the foundation for Cantrell to work upon. A track to be played over and over on the radio waves, ‘Before You’ is a perfect production to help the EP transition towards the third and the final track.

Marking the end of the 3-track EP, ‘A New Horizon’ begins as  synth-reliant symphony that features tidal sounds and a burgeoning build up to deliver a production that sets Kiba’s adeptness and production virtuoso status in stone. A producer who is scripted to deliver more and more as time passes by, Kiba’s ‘Echoes’ EP is a fantastic measure of a producer who is just finding his feet in this virtual voyage.

You can check out more music from Kiba here and on Spotify here. ‘Echoes’ EP will be out Simply Recordings tomorrow.

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