Always the man for a big occasion, Indian-origin American producer KSHMR‘s rise to prominence in the wide world of Dance music has been a story of high highs and no lows, built around a persona of a dedicated and supremely talented producer. Once assumed to be sole force behind DVBBS and Borgeous’s raging anthem titled ‘Tsunami‘, KSHMR really made the grade as and when he began to put a face on his music and delivered iconic tracks – such as ‘Secrets‘ and ‘Burn‘ – and an impressive EP in the shape of ‘The Lion Across The Field‘. And now the production virtuoso is back with another collaboration with none other than MR.BLACK, who, in light of his recent releases and success on the charts, has made sure that this instance of teaming-up is one of the biggest in 2018.

Titled ‘DOONKA’, the release has been eagerly awaited by the wide array of dance music fans and fanatics of both the producers – with initial hints stemming from KSHMR’s stellar performance at Tomorrowland. Laced with signals of the typical MR.BLACK beat-work, ‘DOONKA’ kicks off at a high note. Building up into a prime main-stage weapon, the track delivers with great aplomb – showcasing Trap style transitions, Psy-Trance influenced pre-breaks from MR.BLACK and a melodic break that is surely a creation of KSHMR. Released on the American producer’s very own Dharma Records, ‘DOONKA’ is assured to mark a massive milestone in 2018 for both, KSHMR and MR.BLACK.

Grab KSHMR and MR.BLACK’s latest anthem ‘DOONKA’ here.

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