KSHMR debuts 5 new IDs during latest EDC Las Vegas set

So far 2018 has been an exciting year for KSHMR. The man behind some of dance music’s top tunes has come into 2018 with some impressive and inspiringly different works such as ‘Doonka‘ featuring Mr. Black, and some major milestones including his EDM anthem ‘Megalodon‘ recently turning 4 years old. Despite the music and accomplishments, the one thing KSHMR has always stayed consistent with has been delivering live, and this year at the 2018 edition of Electric Dasiy Carnival, KSHMR did just that. In fact, the Berkely native absolutely ran riot on the circuitGROUNDS stage, debuting 5 new ID’s during his EDC set.

KSHMR began his explosive set with a massive Melbourne bounce styled ID, speculated to be with Italian trance specialist 7 Skies. With tons of international flavor spread throughout KSHMR’s EDC set, the festival regular split a fair amount of classics with a healthy amount of new, fresh mashups and tunes. The DJ was absolutely able to deliver an uptempo, consistently moving set, with an adequate balance between full-blown jumping euphoria and restful downtime. Telling a story of a kingdom through his set in-between musical stops, the set featured a heavy amount of hardstyle tunes and remixes from artists such as Coone & Headhunterz.

Showcasing his new tune ‘Carry Me Home‘, flowing right into another new ID ‘Into the Fire‘, KSHMR’s ability to keep the Las Vegas crowd on their toes and moving certainly seemed second to none. Nothing but “respect” for the EDC crowd according to KSHMR’s latest tweets.

The almost club atmosphere KSHMR was able to create at times during this set were incredible to listen through. Any dance music fanatic can picture exactly what kind of energy his flawless transition of genre and style were able to create on the Speedway.

If EDC Las Vegas wasn’t enough for you, KSHMR is also locked to perform at one of Europe’s finest beach festivals, the renowned Black Sheep Festival this summer, so make sure to grab your tickets here in case this dose wasn’t enough!

Check out KSHMR’s uplifting set via 1001 Tracklists here.